The number of netwrap turns depends on the type of crop and baler, the baler settings and diameter of the bale. The tables provide the values recommended by Novatex.

Suggested turns
Bale chamber width (m) Bale diameter
Bale volume
% Silage Hay Straw
1,20 1,50 2,1 2,5 3,5 4,5
1,60 2,4 +15% - 4 5
1,80 3,1 +50% - 4,5 5,5
2,00 3,8 +90% - 4,5 5,5
Novatex developed ML production technology within the company. This means that the looms used to weave the nets have been designed and produced by Novatex with totally unique properties unrivalled worldwide. The special flexibility of these looms enables the production of exclusive solutions, such as ML, but also Optima and MS.
MS and ML are the names of two of the main exclusive technologies offered by Novatex. MS, though adopting a number of chains similar or identical to that produced with traditional looms, this product combines a number of characteristics exclusive to Novatex, such as the low number of knots per mesh.
Read more on the MS technology.

ML (Wide Mesh) was developed with a different approach: fewer but stronger chains. In fact here the number of chains is reduced to 25, but its structure is made up of a greater number of threads. In this way ML reaches average resistance values that exceed 300 kg.
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Special looms for special nets. Novatex offers a very wide range of netwraps, designed to offer specific advanced properties, ideal for working in the field. Each Novatex net is able to serve its purpose in even the harshest of conditions, but farmers and contractors can browse through the entire Novatex catalogue and find the product that perfectly responds to their needs and expectations.