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The Ideal netwrap
The first with Optima technology
Presented for the first time at Agritechnica 2015, Ideal is the new Novatex netwrap with Optima technology.
But what lies behind Optima technology? As already mentioned, Novatex netwraps serve to wrap straw and fodder harvested by balers. The bales formed in these machines are then transported from the field to the barn for seasonal storage. And it is these handling and stacking operations that are the most delicate. Each bale weighs hundreds of kilograms, depending on the type of fodder harvested, and the quantity of netwrap used to hold this is minimal: from 2 to 4 turns per bale. It is therefore clear how essential the reliability of this material is: it needs to hook up immediately to the fodder in the compression chamber to obtain the correct tension, and must stretch sufficiently to cover the surface of the bale, while counteracting the tendency of the fodder to expand once the bale has been ejected. The net must therefore be strong but elastic, rugged but soft. Optima technology creates a new geometry in netwrap mesh. Studies carried out by Novatex technicians has led to the company patenting a special design that reduces the thread knots, improving resistance of the plastic threads by 15%. Optima technology nets are therefore able to offer the same superior resistance that has made the fortune of Novatex, while significantly reducing the use of plastic.
Not only less plastic released into the environment, but also and above all a reduction in the quantity of extruded material and CO2.