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Excellent performers
The new Novatex advertising campaign focuses on sport
From spectacular moves on sports fields to the outstanding achievements - the real ones - on farming fields alongside operators from all over the world. The new Novatex campaign creates the ideal link between its products and the champions of sport. Qualities such as strength, will power, genius and flair are all demonstrated alongside the characteristics of Novatex nets and their performance in the field.

Created by the agency Future Days, the campaign shows athletes from various sports disciplines interacting with bales wrapped in Novatex netwraps. The various sports, and the athletic skills that each of them require, are likened to the "personality" of each individual product: this ranges from the absolute power expressed by the pair Triomphe/Strongman to the multi-faceted skills of Winner/Rugby, the dynamics of Westfalia Novatex/Basketball and the lightweight traits of Butterfly/Rhythmic Gymnastics.