Organisational chart
The organisation chart represents how the company is organised. It serves to outline the roles, responsibilities and hierarchical, functional or consultancy relations. It enables the identification of individual roles so that these are recognisable both inside and outside the company itself.
The organisation chart enables the identification of responsibilities in relation to the various areas of activities within the organisation, and highlights the hierarchy and functions of existing roles. An organisation chart therefore shows the centralisation or decentralisation of decision-making procedures: the more the power is centralised the more the organisation is formed in a tree structure in a linear manner, from top to bottom.
The task of those responsible for company organisation is to pre-empt changes on the market to adapt the organisational structures accordingly and ensure a prompt response to new demands, preparing the ideal strategies and exploiting working synergy to the full.

Constant striving for innovation and performance has led Novatex to draft a hierarchy able to speed up the decision making process and aid interaction between the roles involved. This choice can also be seen in a graphic representation, which highlights the areas of competence and the concentric process of relational flows.