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ME & ME+ Tech
Though year 2020 was a tough year for everybody across the globe, Novatex Italia’s R&D had the great chance during last season to develop a new line of products that got the approvals of thousands of farmers around the world. We are talking about the revolutionary solutions under the name of ME and ME+ Technology.
Thanks to this latest Novatex’ innovative technology, more than 100,000 rolls of these new products were manufactured and successfully distributed last year in more than 20 countries of renowned agricultural tradition.
But now let’s see more details about these innovative net wraps, especially those ones which captured the interest of so many farmers and experts.
Both ME and ME+ Technology allows to develop a new family of products: the Novatex medium mesh net wraps. This is a performing solution made of 37 widely spaced chains with reinforced and thicker threads. This was possible thanks to new polymers and an exclusive improvement of the extruding process. Through the special knitting of the mesh, the specific strength of this net is strongly increased, despite the remarkable reduction in the number of chains and plastic.
While developing Novatex's ME+, R&D team noticed that this technology gave the threads an incredibly superior Specific Strength and they could resume all its important features in one sentence: lighter and more performing net wraps for a more sustainable forage protection over time.

The list of benefits provided by the Novatex ME+ net wraps is really countless:

Better cling on the forage 
Similarly to ML (wide mesh), ME and ME+ (medium mesh) ensure perfect cling on the forage. Thanks to the wider angle of the weft, ME and ME+ net wraps hook up fast and easily on hay and straw stalks.
Better compression of the bale
The consequence is that the net wraps spread better providing improved tension and better compression. The greater the compression on the bale’s surface, the better the water resistance, the easy handling and firmness of the bale over time.
Easier to remove
As the the wider angle on the weft helps the hooking operation, it allows symmetrically an easy unwrapping at the end of the baling operations when preparing the TMR mixer wagon. This means less time used for preparation, less fodder remaining entangled on the net fensuring better storage and less waste disposal.
Sustainability & less use of plastic
Net wraps manufactured through ME e ME+ Technology are stronger and lighter. This implies less use of plastic. This in addition to the improvements obtained by Novatex in the innovative packaging system to seal the rolls, ensuring a 10% reduction of plastic.
More meters per roll
Being lighter, net wraps rolls manufactured through ME e ME+ Technology, especially those by ME+ Tech., are able to contain more net per roll remaining compliant with all round balers on the market, even the less recent ones. The operator can perform long working sessions reducing machine down times for roll change enhancing efficiency

For an eco friendly agriculture
Novatex has always declared its own commitment in encouraging a sustainable balance between man and nature. Reduction of plastic materials, optimization of the work in the fields, increasing in efficiency and productivity are all results we are proud of and give us further impulse to find always better solutions.