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Solidarity is doubled with Novatex
Novatex is still in the first line when we talk about solidarity towards areas which suffered earthquake damages in the southern part of Italy. In fact after their help and financial action supporting the farmers of Arquata before Christmas, we found out that also a group of farmers from Lombardy followed the same example. They are linked to the Atalanta football club and decided to support the farmers from Abruzzo sending them strawbales for their cattle.
In the images published by a local newspaper “l’Eco di Bergamo” the bales wrapped up by Winner Novatex are clearly visible. A coincidence which is appreciated for two reasons: the first one is that if somebody starts helping, other followers will join helping as well, increasing that solidarity chain which is able to multiply real support, beyond that it is an evidence that many other Italian farmers trust in Novatex nets for their quality and reliability.
After Novatex “Adopt Arquata” financial project towards the damaged areas of Abruzzo we are confident that other enterprises will follow similar solidarity actions to help a region to its knees and encourage new generations of farmers to invest energies and rebuild their economy not giving up land and traditions.