Our History
Since 1977, Novatex Italia SpA has been synonymous with innovation regarding roundbaler netwraps.
For more than forty years this Italian company has excelled in the production of extremely reliable netwraps: strong, fully covering, and comprehensively tested on the best roundbaler machines.

Novatex has always had an international calling, reaching out to markets beyond Europe, in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United States, Argentina and South Africa.

With more than 450,000 rolls sold in foreign markets, exports account for 70% of total sales.

In these favourable conditions, Novatex’s joint venture with the Tama Group was initiated: a strategic agreement of reciprocal exchange, but with the Italian company operating totally autonomously, in both the research and development of new products and in the commercial sector.

This Novatex-Tama alliance sees the birth of a group with a market share of almost 50%.